Where to get knowledge on Passive Income

Dear readers,

It has been great to get a few of you sending emails, after the last post about my Top-10 Passive Income Ideas for 2022. You have been asking how to improve and develop your knowledge about this wide topic.

As you know, I am relatively new in the Passive Income World. Although I’ve been thinking of ways to maximize my savings for many years, it wasn’t until mid 2021 when I actively started looking for options. This process, as any new topic you want to learn in life, requires some knowledge. From my experience, you can follow some steps in order to start building this knowledge:

  • I’ve been reading a lot of books on this topic (you can find all my recommendations in the Library section), a couple examples are:
  • I’ve taken some courses online on different platforms, like Udemy. Also, you can find quite a few free courses that can be really interesting. Of course, be ready to receive some crap as well. With free courses you usually need to register on their websites, so be ready to get quite a few emails trying to sell you their courses & products. If you start being active, do thoughtful research and register for several free trainings & seminars, maybe it’s best to create a new email specifically for this.
  • It’s very important to invest some time thinking about areas of your expertise. You might be surprised by how many topics you already have solid experience and knowledge about. You can use it to think of different ways to achieve your final goal. In my case, as I am a finance geek, I’ve invested a good amount of time learning about the financial markets. In fact, in future posts I will make a guide on how I’ve been tackling them, in a safe way.
  • I am not going to lie, I’ve also read loads of blogs about this topic, as well as watched a lot of free videos on Youtube. Again, sometimes they are useful, sometimes you feel you are wasting your time… in any case, you can find a lot of valid, free information on the internet, so it’s worth doing some research.
  • I’ve started executing my first attempts at generating real passive income. If you remember in my post called “Questions to answer before thinking in passive income”, I’ve already got a small revenue stream that is 100% Passive Income. It’s only £30 per month, but it’s better than nothing!
  • Finally, I suggest that you subscribe to this blog. I believe that the information that I am sharing with the world in www.therealpassiveincome.com has a lot of value, and it’s for free!

After several months doing my research, I’ve been able to share with you my TOP-10 best options to generate Passive Income during 2022. You have my commitment to explain in detail every idea included that post in the upcoming weeks, one by one.

As always, thanks for reading!

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