My Story v2

My name is Antonio Alvarado. I am 39 years old, and I currently live in the United Kingdom with my wife and our two kids.

Some personal facts about me

First of all, thanks a lot for taking your time to visit and read the content on this website, I really appreciated. I am putting time and effort to build The Real Passive Income, so it’s really rewarding to have you around. You will surely have a lot of questions about the creator of site. So I will try to answer some of them.

Please, let me start from the beginning. I was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1982. When I was only 3 years old, I moved to Andorra, this little but lovely country between France and Spain, in the middle of the Pyrenees. At that time I was following my parent’s work. They were both teachers in a Primary School, and they requested and got it a 6 years assignment in the Spanish School over there.

I went back to Madrid when I was 9, and I spent the rest of my childhood in a town called Collado Villalba, around 25 miles away from Madrid centre. It’s a very nice and quiet area, it’s worthy a visit if you have never been there.

I finished secondary school in June 2000 and I went straight to uni. I studied a Degree in Business & Economics at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. During this period I was part of the ERASMUS programme. I studied one full year in Nice (France) at Institut Universitaire de Nice-Cote d’Azur during 2002-2003. Also, in 2,005 I did a small break in my studies, and I spent 6 months in London, just trying to improve a little bit my English. I didn’t know at that time, but I met my lovely wife during this period.

Professional career

In 2007 I moved to Mazars, where I worked as external auditor during 4 great years. We worked hard, but the effort was worthy: I learnt a lot, and I made very good colleagues that I consider nowadays my friends. In this period, I also had studied a Master in Audit and Accounting at Universidad CEU San Pablo. By the way, I also got married in 2010!

In a side comment, people not in this sector often ask me what an external auditor does. I will try to define it two lines: An external auditor firm is responsible for providing an independent review of the integrity of a company’s financial statements.

After 4 years, I wanted to explore different areas, so I moved to Ernst & Young, where I focused more in financial services, within the Transaction Support department. I got involved in different projects: due diligence, mergers and restructuring plans. Being part of one of the big four firms was a privilege, and I glad I had this opportunity.

In 2014 I moved to the United Kingdom, following my wife, as she got a very attractive role based in London. During this time I had the opportunity to work for different companies in various roles:

Internal Auditor & Internal Control at Hasbro: main responsibilities were the implementation and monitoring of the internal financial controls.

Johnson & Johnson: I spent 4 years in various roles with exposure to accounting processes, internal & external auditors relationship and budgeting activities. It was an amazing time, I gained lot of experience in a very international & multicultural environment.

Tradebe Environmental Services, acting as Finance Manager, and I helped with the external audit and other legal requirements, like TAX.

During my time in this place, the massive COVID earthquake happened. It was quite a challenge, although I personally can’t complain in the sense that I didn’t lose any close relative due to this virus. In March 2020, my kids were 6 and 4 years old, and my wife was also working full time. It was a challenge to balance two professional careers combined with being teachers, cookers, cleaners and of course parents.

The Change

In November 2020 we decided as a family that it would be best for me to step aside, and stop working full time. It just wasn’t sustainable for my kids to keep working as usual, pretending that nothing happened… when everything changed in our day to day life.

Let’s face it, this movement has been a jump into the unknown for me. Even more, the first months were also seasoned with a further lockdown in the United Kingdom from Christmas to end March, including Schools closure. But I am happy to say that the main goals I had one year ago, are becoming real:

  • I found a part time job, within the Frassati Academy Trust, as Finance Manager for one of the Schools under the Academy Trust umbrella. I am glad for all the professional opportunities I’ve had during the last 14 years. However, I never felt so useful for the community I belong. It is a great pleasure being able to work with all the great professionals that do the most important task as a society: teach and educate all the boys and girls of the country.
  • The job I was looking for, would need to be compatible with my family. That was an essential requirement, because I really wanted to be able to pick-up my kids after school, and invest & enjoy the afternoon with them. This has been also achieved.
  • Lastly, I wanted to explore new professional horizons, away from the world of multinational companies, combined with a proper investigation on how to get some stable passive income. And this is what how has seen the light.

Dear reader, as you can see, I’ve started a new way of living. You are most welcome to join this journey: I believe we are going to have fun and learn a lot in this process.

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