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Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.

Marcus Tillius Cicero

I have always thought that saying a big THANK YOU to others that are helping you is a must. In this section I endeavour to recognize several individuals and companies that have helped me to develop Please note that I might add some links to their websites; however, I don’t get any financial compensation for these recommendations. By me adding them to the list below, it is an honest way to say thank you to them for their help.

Letters by Andre: She is a personal friend who has amazing knowledge and experience with blogs, website design, and is an excellent lettering artist and illustrator. She loves to combine her two passions by creating beautiful lettering pieces with lots of details and cute doodles. Andrea, the face behind Lettersbyandre, has helped me a lot to develop this blog; the least I can do is recognize her endless support here. In case you are interested in her work, do not hesitate to visit her website:

Claire Abts: She is someone I have recently had the pleasure of getting to know. Claire is a full-time English teacher at a bilingual school in southern Spain. She has an infinite love of the English language. She studied Journalism and English at the University of Wisconsin and has a knack for correcting grammar and style. I am so thankful to have connected with her!

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